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Pinarello Dyodo

e-road Performance Refined

Meet the Dyodo, Pinarello's USA specific e-road bike. This carbon frame, pedal assist bike houses a motor in the rear wheel hub and a rechargeable lithium ion battery located in the frame downtube. We have taken great care to ensure the Dyodo is a true Pinarello. 

The complete Dyodo bike weighs only 26.5lbs and offers pedal assistance up to 20mph. The Dyodo allows the rider to select how much power to generate by offering 3 levels of assistance. The Dyodo handles and rides like a Pinarello and will be appreciated by all who ride on the road. Whether you're looking for a little help up hills, or simply less effort to get to where you need, the Dyodo delivers. 


Dyodo BR 1
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 Sizing and Geometry

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Quick Start Guide

Getting started with the Dyodo is as easy as a press of a button

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Dyodo User Manual

Everything you need to know about the Dyodo

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App Available

View ride data by downloading the mobile app (Android & iOS)

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